The Day i Spoke In Tongues

My name is Jeremy, I am 32, dark, average and I know that I am blessed and highly favored in regards to the work tool in between my legs. Yes! I was born into a Christian family and I have been a good church goer but I have never spoken in tongues before. When I attend church services, a time comes and we are asked to begin to speak in tongues, everyone around me will be speaking things I don't understand nor know if they understood, all I do is stare and wait for time for everyone to chorus amen.
One Wednesday evening, I was entering the church premises for midweek service and in front of me was this chubby sister, neatly dressed and endowed. Staring at her behind, I felt like going to tear her skirt and enter her from behind. I comported myself and walked into the church hall. Luckily, a seat behind hers was empty so I went and occupied it. During the times pastor said, "Shake your neighbor and make declarations, I made sure that I shakesd her." She's  not that facially beautiful like a beauty queen but she bodily endowed that I pray one day I encounter her in the other room and engage in a bedmatic work.
After two weeks, I was surprised to meet this sister close to my house and as we talked, I was happy to know that she lived two houses after mine. She told me her name is Elmeda. So we now began to go to church together and come back together.
One Saturday evening, we were returning from a rally for our church forth coming city wide crusade when a car splashed water on me and my white trouser was messed up. She was so sorry for me and she stopped a tri-cycle and to take us home. On getting to our street, she asked I follow her to her place so she could help me clean my clothes and fix us something to eat since we were hungry.

We walked into her apartment, a neat one bedroom self-contained and I sat down. She asked that I pull of my trouser and shirt so she could clean the places they were stained and I pulled them off now on just boxer short and singlet. She cleaned the clothes and used hangers to hang them. In my front, she put her hand under her gown and pulled off the pant she was wearing - pink color pant with flower designs and threw the pant on the floor. Lo and behold my mind began to play movies.
She warmed the food and brought it,  as we were eating I was already undressing her in my mind. It has been long I touched a woman and Elmeda is well built and sexy. I was praying in my mind that she doesn't reject the moves I want to make after eating the meal. As I ate, and in desire of her, my dick hardened. When I stood up to drink water , my hard dick was showing boldly and Elmeda asked "What's happening to you" and I replied 'it's you' and she laughed and said "Your sugar cane will be good to eat."
As I lay on the bed facing up, she can beside me and touched my chin and I relaxed and drew her closer. We Kissed so deeply and passionately and our hands drawing maps on each others body. She pulled my short and took my hard dick in her hand and vigorously massaged it. Before I could say Jack, she raised up her gown, climbed on top of me and used her hand to insert my hard dick into her pussy. The sensation was so sweet that I nearly hard quick ejaculation. I took a deep breathe and calmed down my mind.
Her pubic area was full of dark and shiny hairs.  I guess she doesn't like to shave everything. Everything she's doing was turning me on the more. She was riding up and down my dick. I shouted 'Jezzzz' for I was afraid to shout complete Jesus so that I don't incur heaven wraths on top of the sin one I was commiting already.

Her pussy was tight and very wet. The wall of her pussy caressed and gripped my dick so well. I was muttering and speaking things I didn't understand, all I know was that I was enjoying the ecstasy. She too was moaning.
I had to pull off her gown completely and then used one hand to fondle her boobs and the other hand caressing her anal hole. Before long, all my body became tensed and it was like I was going to pee. In that height of excitement, I came and shot my loads into her.
She began kissing and caressing me and gradually my dick regained hardness and I went into her the missionary way to preach good news in her.  I was riding fast and hitting hard, both of us were moaning and she grabbed me so hard, closed her eyes and shouted "I am coming..don't stop." And I continued pumping and then I released and cuddled her and we slept off.
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