My Wife's Alleged brother happens to be my two Kids Fathers

My Wife's Alleged brother happens to be my two Kids Fathers

  • By Genny Nazi Okoli

I wasn't expecting to see my wife cheating on me with her supposed brother but it was really happening. This was the woman I loved much with every fiber in me.

My Name is Nnamdi, I am from the Eastern part of Nigeria but based in South Africa. I got married to Palesa (my wife) our marriage was match made in heaven, we were the center of attraction and envy to many couples but I couldn't believe it when I discovered that my wife was cheating on me with her supposed brother (Thabo).

I and Palesa got married ten years ago we are blessed with 3 kids. I, Palesa and Thabo lives in Johannesburg, my wife introduced him as her brother and we lived together, Frequently I travelled out for one business or the other, while I do send Thabo to Nigeria sometimes to run and oversee affairs of my company. My Wife on the other do spend some of her vacation with the kids in my country home.

That fateful morning I had a business meeting at Mozambique, I dressed for the meeting, bade my family goodbye and drove out, getting closer to the airport, I noticed I forgot one of the important files meant for the meeting, I drove back to my house to get the files. On getting to the gate, I drove in,As I climbed upstairs, the door leading to the living was open and the TV was also on and the volume loud.

I went into my bedroom and picked the file and decided to search around the house for my wife because the doors weren't locked when I got home, I searched every corner till I decided to look out for her at the pool side. Behold my lovely wife making out with her supposed brother, I stood there for 10 minutes and left and drove out for me business meeting. "how could Palesa betrayed me this way?  So many questions in my mind yet I couldn't find the answers.

When I got back from my trip I took the kids to hospital for DNA test only to realize that I fathered only one out of the three kids, yes I loved them so much and it doesn't matter to me who  was their father, I sent them to Nigeria to stay with my family when I found out that my wife planned to elope with her boyfriend to Europe.

I acted as if I knew nothing and played along, when she noticed that things had changed dramatically she went to my companies and properties which I used her name to acquired only to found out I has changed every of my wealth and properties to my name. "what does she took me for?

"I left only her personal car in her name.

She opened up to me and told me everything, including the paternity of our children, she betrayed me, how could I live and stay with my wife's lover for almost 10 years.

We got divorced few months ago and I don't regret anything rather I thank God for saving my life from her. I feel bad but life sometimes can be crazy.

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