My Daughter-In-law Is Sleeping Around

My Daughter-In-law Is Sleeping Around

  • By Genny Nazi Okoli

This girl had no car before my son married her. She had no job or good cloths, suddenly she has everything. It was when my son married her that she got her present job. Now her car is bigger than my son's and she is forever travelling. If she is not in America, she is in South Africa or Dubai.

That was someone who did not even have a passport before she got married . I heard she was even the one who paid for the family vacation last year and they're planning to go to Brazil by August. Meanwhile, my son has not changed his job or made any progress I can see. "isn't it suspicious? " My daughter in-law is moving up while my son has stagnated.

To worsen matters my son can't see that his misfortune started the day he married that girl. I think he has given him all kinds of potions to turn him into a fool but she will see.  I will show her who I'm, "Does she think they call me mama de-mama for nothing? " Wherever she has buried my son's misfortune, I will retrieve it and then she will go.

I warned my son not to marry from that state. People from that state are usually extravagant. All they think of is parties, parties and then more parties. "But did he listen? " No,  he thought that I dyed my hair grey. Stupid boy. What an elder sees sitting down, if a child climbs the roof he will not see it.

Now that my daughter -in-law parties every weekend, I hope his love-blinded eyes are open. She's using all her money and every drop of my son's sweat on aso-ebi and jewellery. "Do you know that she keeps her gold in the bank? " I don't  know how a woman will party all weekend and still do birthday dinners and welcome cocktails during the week.

She has used her womb for money. Five whole years and there is no child to show for it. All I see is love-nwantintin, fine face, no babies. She has gone to every hospital for check up but has she has not announced one pregnancy or miscarriage. "What is my offence that I have to end with a man as daughter-in-law? "

There is no barren woman in my family and I have six children myself.

Only God knows what she has done to her womb before she came after my son. You never can tell with these millennium girls. One can't help but wonder how come some of these girls achieve success so early.

Me, I think they're either doing juju or sleeping around.

Sure but hard work is a factor, but considering the number of hard working girls all over the place that are barely surviving from one month to the other one can't help but ask how her own hard work is different.

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